A quick blog about England, Scotland and a long trail of Harry Potter movie locations. Look around if you've ever wanted to vist the UK, or are a Harry Potter fan and want to see the places I've been. And become Scot-lish. Like me.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


First of all, let me explain my Blog name... it has been a dream of mine for a while now to visit the UK, especially Scotland. When I got there, however, I found that England was just as incredible as I had imagined Scotland would be. Although this is a wish that may never come true, I would now love to go and live in the UK, but where? Scotland or England? Since I couldn't decide (being a typical Libra), I choose to be part of both, thus Scottish (Scot) and English (-lish).

Wanting to keep this blog as UK as possible, the clock and weather pixie on the left side of the page refer to London, mostly so that I can know what it's like there at the moment!

Now you can start reading from Day One, until Day Ten. I hope you love the beauty of the places we saw, and I hope any Harry Potter fans are insanely jealous of the movie locations I've been to. Just kidding!